Thank You!

Thank you so much to every one of you who fought beside me for the future of the children in LPOSD; you, who fought for the Respect of the Citizens of Bonner County, for the Support of our Families and for demanding that your Government operate within it’s budget, Thank you.

This Run was an act of service; to me, obedience to God’s call. I definitely hoped to win, I fought to win; to represent Zone #1 with the conservative values and dignity promised to every person by the Founders of our Republic.
But obedience to His Call doesn’t always mean you get the ‘win’ as you see it.
Obedience to God’s call is Winning.

I didn’t win the Trustee position but:

I won in my relationship with my husband, we spent so much time together during the campaign and we had so many new things to talk about each day.

I won with my friends, all of you who gave and walked and strategized and planned and sacrificed. Who kept saying “No Problem”. I smile when i think of each of you showing up to help me with this huge undertaking. I extend this also to my very own grown kids, they are incredible young volunteers.

I won in getting to know the community of Zone#1 and seeing how unique and special it is. From Clark Fork up to Elmira, way up Flume Creek road and out Selle Road to the 95.

But to anyone of you who is thinking of running for a council position or board or whatever; pray and then do it. The Conservative cause needs you. I mean it. So many races were uncontested.

There is still more work to be done. You guys know what it is on your heart. Act on it. And bother your Precinct Committeeman, your various representatives, your mayors. Talk to your neighbors. Help the next conservative with their campaign.

God Bless you all,
Yours in Christ,

Jenn McKnight

Good Policies, Smart Education

We need to regain local control. When our schools are led from the state level and influenced by national plans, we lose our local values in education, which transforms our society, and we lose our uniqueness.

I think when schools try to handle every aspect of a child, including mental and emotional, they just don’t have that ability. The family unit is the “small class size” that can teach and protect a child’s well-being. The best interest of a child must be determined by their loving family.

“I will listen to the people and vote strongly as their representative. I have the time to listen and the time and skills to ensure good policy.

I believe in limited Constitutional government.  The purpose of government is to protect our God-given rights, not to manage our lives.”

Jenn McKnight

Backing Families

Respecting Citizens

Fiscal Responsibility

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