About Jenn McKnight

I grew up in a small rural town in Nevada in a family of small business owners and learned the value of living and working closely with your family and neighbors early on.  That background gave me an abiding respect for upholding the principles of liberty, protecting and strengthening the family, and supporting small businesses in local policymaking.  As a young adult, I came to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the two experiences of knowing Christ and being raised in a rural liberty-minded family have guided my life in family, church, and our community.

My husband, children and I moved to Idaho a decade ago, and we moved to Bonner County in 2016 after buying a home off of Craigslist!  Since moving here I have raised my children in our wonderful community, our church, and in the LPOSD.  I have been an active pro-public-schooling mama-bear, attended school board meetings regularly, followed policy closely, and always stood for parental rights and protecting our children from government over-reach – especially when it came to the unscientific and harmful COVID-19 policy that was being pushed on our families.

I enjoy kayaking and swimming in our beautiful Lake Pend Oreille with my family and friends. I also enjoy our big North Idaho get-togethers and anytime I get to read and study the Bible. I am a big fan of classic literature as well.

Having grown-up with a small business background, I know the value of fiscal responsibility and I know the harm to families and communities caused by ever-increasing tax burdens.  I know that tax-and-spend education policy is the wrong answer for Bonner County. We can look East and West of us and see that this is the case.

I believe the families of Bonner County can benefit from having a voice on the school board who will be independent, pro-family, and fiscally responsible.  I am running to be that voice.