Backing Families,
Respecting Citizens,
Fiscal Responsibity

Board Meetings

My husband and I call these “back-patting parties.” Citizens and parents are discouraged from attending and speaking, while the room is often populated with district staff, giving presentations and applauding each other. The purpose of the School Board is to represent ALL the residents of the LPOSD taxing district in responsible decision-making with our resident’s precious assets.

Boys in Girls' Bathrooms

Let’s use common sense here. Bathrooms aren’t supervised, so girls and boys shouldn’t be alone together in them. In other places where bathrooms have been gender-neutralized we have seen disastrous results.

Boys in Girls' Sports

Emotions and physical reality are 2 separate things. Idaho doesn’t allow boys in girls’ sports right now, but very likely will in the upcoming years if we are not watchful.


The science of male/female sexuality has been settled for thousands of years.  Why are we confusing children by asking them to “choose” a sexual orientation, and to choose a gender, or even to make one up? The idea isn’t scientifically sound, and it isn’t originating from our children’s needs, it’s coming from somewhere else for some other purpose than reflecting truth.

Secrets from Parents

Parents are the natural and rightful caretakers of children, and extended families and social communities are their natural supports, not the state.  I was raised not to keep secrets with strange adults. If an adult said to me, “Let’s just keep this between us” that would be an immediate sign that something is very wrong.


It is not the role of the state to teach values.  That is the role of families and religious institutions.  Idahoans have a state constitutional duty to provide public schools so that our republic can be maintained, so let’s stick to academics.  Future citizens of a free republic need education, not indoctrination.

SEL is a platform for pushing leftist theology and ideology into public school systems.  It was integrated into the national public school framework by the Obama Administration and is currently being used to bypass restrictions against teaching Critical Race Theory in states like Idaho.  Like CRT, it has no place in our school system.

Design For Change

This is in our school district. I have heard presentations on this applauded during board meetings. Like SEL, it is another vehicle for radical leftist indoctrination of our children disguised as an educational initiative.  I encourage you to research DFC, Design For Change.

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

I think it was better when people of different races could simply be friends without the burden of woke propaganda agendas being shoved down our throats by a 3rd party. This doesn’t belong in our schools in any form, either openly or disguised as SEL or DFC.


Imagine if parents could send their kids to school to be educated to excel in Math, Science, Grammar, Literature, and whatever ‘rithmetic is (joking). I will fight for a strong focus on academics.


The Sandpoint High School library is probably the saddest library I have ever seen. Where are the books? Hope and Clark Fork schools have nice libraries. I will do more than vote for books, I will champion the cause.


In the school system, there is a general air of “what we are doing is more important than what’s going on at home.”  When parents and citizens don’t agree with or fail to take instruction from the district, we are branded lazy, ignorant, and problematic.  The school, board, district and its employees are here to serve the community, and should always operate from an attitude of service.


What is this term? Where did it come from? And why are we being called it all of a sudden? I will think of zone 1’s residents as my bosses, and I will call you “the people.”


What good is a 5-person voting board who always votes unanimously behind the chairwoman? We recently elected a lone conservative on the board who votes differently. With a 2nd conservative, issues can be considered more fairly. Every other board member becomes a tiebreaker.


If a parent’s signature is “required” we have a choice, or they wouldn’t need us to agree. The district is constantly trying to abridge our rights using contracts.

Opt in/Opt out

I remember the first time one of my children brought home an opt out field trip permission slip. If I didn’t sign, or if my child “lost it” or if the teacher “lost it”, my child could go on the field trip. Much of school policy now deals with opt in/opt out choices. Opt-in rightfully gives parents more control.

Maintain Existing Schools

It is important for zone 1 to maintain the schools it has now. I will defend your rural way of life.

How Levies Work

Levies are district wide, so if some of the other zones vote them in, zone 1 will be paying whether you want to or not. I will vote to keep new levies off the table. We already have a recurring waterfall levy on top of our regular taxes.